Choose Top Rated Antivirus Protection to Stay Safe on the Web

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A top rated antivirus program can eliminate security threats before they infect an damage your computer. But what does top rated really mean? And how can a top rating really help you to choose the best security software to protect your system. These 4 easy guidelines will help you decide.
1. Look For Testing and Product Ratings - Top rated antivirus software has usually been tested and evaluated by independent testing facilities whose judgment you can trust, This most often includes technical and industry magazines, as well as some software and technology forums that encourage members to rate a particular product. While these forums are not officially recognized as an impartial testing facility, this kind of "consensus testing" collects opinions and feedback from a large group of advanced users, and generally provides an accurate evaluation of the effectiveness and the shortcomings of a software title.
2. Look For Company Ratings - A strong company with rising sales and new product development is a company that is more likely to be making constant improvements in their products. They have the cash to pay their engineers to investigate new viruses and other threats quickly, and to design and implement updates that can defeat those threats. While there are many companies that build and sell computer security products, there are only ten to 15 that can truly considered to be strong market leaders. These are the companies that can afford to build and support exceptional products, and these are the companies that a wise consumer does business with.
3. Look For Feature Lists - Feature listings make it easy to judge whether the product offers all the capabilities you are looking for. Along with basic threat protection from viruses, spyware, malware, adware, and Trojan horses, look for features like free automatic updates and real-time file scanning. In addition, many users may be looking for specific features like parental controls for children, file backups, and task scheduling for scans at specific times when those scans will not interfere with users. As you review individual feature lists of various products, make note of features that are important to you, as well as those that are unnecessary.
4. Look For Reviews and Comparisons - A site with product comparisons or reviews makes it easy to view products, prices, and features side-by-side. In this format you can quickly see which products have all the features and capabilities you need, without the burden of unnecessary or unwanted features that can be a real drain on your system's resources.
Selecting a top rated antivirus product that has been thoroughly tested, supported by a strong company, and provides the right features at the right price is best way to protect your computer, your files, and your privacy.
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