How to Choose Antivirus Software?

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How to Choose Antivirus Software? You already know that you need an antivirus software to guard your PC. But to decide which product is best for you is a whole different matter. Among so many alternatives being offered all with perplexing technical information, you need to be alert not to fall for the useless one. In order for you to do some effective comparison, here I list all the main features you should look for when doing an antivirus software comparison.
1. Effectiveness
Figure out how effective the software you are considering is by checking out the latest antivirus reviews in the online or offline PC press. You need to know what kind of threat it can protect you from.
2. User friendly (Easy to use)
See whether the product provides an easy to use interface and also whether it comes with a manual or user guide. This is one of mostly-considered factors when carrying out an antivirus software comparison.
3. Virus definition and scanning engine updates
As new viruses are identified, an update in its database of viruses is required for an antivirus package. Check if the software can perform regular update automatically.
4. Technical support
Find out what kind of supporting services it provides, such as a live chat service, a call center, etc.
Now you can make a comparison by checking based on these main features I have discussed. Comparing price is logical, but when it comes to choosing anti-virus, it is not just about the price. After finding your ideal product, you will feel tranquil and secure.
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