Sabah Snake Grass - Clinacanthus nutans

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Local Name: Belalai Gajah
Chinese name: Yu Xun Cao 优遁
Scientific Name: Clinacanthus nutansBurm.t. Lindau
English name: Sabah Snake plant, Sabah Snake Grass. 
Meridian channel: liver and kidney
 Usage: Whole plant as medicinal herb

Belalai Gajah or Sabah Snake Grass (Clinacanthus Nutans Lindau) has been widely used in Malaysia and other Asia countries to treat uric acid, gout, urinates neuropathies (disease of the kidney), Liver cancer, Kidney syndrome, Nasal cavity cancer and uterine fibroid.

It was quite popular and found in East Malaysia of Sabah, that's why they named it as"Sabah Snake Plant" or "Sabah Snake Grass".

This herb is used with other herbal plant in preparation of herbal medicinal drink to treats uremia for kidney patient primarily, to reduce of urine toxic by decoction of this herb. 

The slightly stink taste but when mixed with other herbs it can be a very tasteful “Liang Cha” cooling herbs drink. As this herb has “cooling” effect to those with Qi deficiency may need to cook it with Red Dates to improve the blood circulation a boost for better result.

The clinacanthus Nutans or 'Sabah Snake Grass' 优遁草in traditional Chinese medicine usually is concoction into herbal drink with red dates (to improve blood circulation), or adding black soybean to it (for the kidney yin deficiency to boost kidney Qi). Black soybeans increase the medicinal effect of the Sabah Snake Grass in detoxification and energy boost to the kidney meridian functioning. And it is also commonly used for kidney cleanse or detoxifying purpose. 

In herbal healing, Chinese name this herbs as "Shen Cao" 肾草that's mean "kidney herb".

Taking the raw juice like mixing green Apple with Sabah Snake Grass, to blend into medicinal raw juice for treating urinary system syndrome, kidney problem and prostate inflammation has shown effective and great result in healing process.

Taking raw fresh leaves maybe hard to chew, so as to make it as tasty raw fruit juice drink may help.  Simply cooking into concoction herb drink depending on individual's body health condition.

The efficacy of treating of skin eczema, psoriasis, and shingles seemed quite effective with Sabah Snake Grass + "Huo Tan Mu” or Polygonum Chinese and mixed with ‘Bai He Ling Zhi’ (white crane grass), 鹤灵芝, Scientific name: Rhinacanthus nasutus (L.) kurz
herbs. Lately  these herbs is used to treat a few patients with psoriasis and scabies problem. The skin infection and spots reduces within a month.
Method and Preparation: 

For Internal application: 

“Sabah Snake Grass” Clinacanthus Nutans mix with "Huo Tan Mu” or Polygonum Chinese as decoction herbal drink. 
And taking pure fresh juice of  “Sabah Snake Grass” Clinacanthus Nutans fresh leaves blend with green apple in the morning for detoxifying. 

Doses to use: Daily intakes of 1-2 glasses of herbal drink.Serious case may increase the doses to 3 glasses a day.

For external usage:

Use another herb by the name of “Bai He Ling Zhi’ (white crane grass), 白鹤灵芝Rhinacanthus nasutus, Dainty spurs,extract the fresh leaves and apply to scabies spots or infected areas. 

Herbal Bath:
Apply once or twice a day, or cook this herb plant with its stems, Strain the herbal liquid from the decoction and place in the bathtub, immerse the whole body in the herbal bath (at the body temperature) for at least 20-30 minutes. 
This 'Sabah Snake Grass' or Clinacanthus Nutans fresh juice extract not only can be mix and blending into fresh juice with green apple; alternatively combine Sabah Snake Grass with burdock and carrot pure juice for treating lymphatic problem and purifying blood. This really improves my sensitive skin and lymph nodes problem.


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