I Cannot Get Rid Of Ultra Defragger Malware - How To Rid Your Computer Of This Malware Quickly

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Ultra defragger is another piece of malware that attempts to trick you into paying for it. It makes fake scans on your computer and reports fake messages about registry errors and hardware errors but the truth is there are no errors there and you need to get rid of ultra defragger before you get real problems.
When this malware installs on your computer you will start to see errors like this:
A hard drive error has occurred and the program cannot be started. You will also see errors like this.
Windows was unable to save all the data for file xxx (where xxx can be any random file name) and this may be caused by a hardware error on your computer. The truth is there is no error at all.
You will see a constant stream of error messages like this telling you that you need to purchase ultra defragger to resolve your hardware and registry errors. The fact is that you need to get rid of the malware called ultra defragger which is generating these errors.
What happens is that this malware opens a backdoor onto your computer and allows other malware in. This is why in many cases when you attempt to remove this malware manually you still find your laptop or desktop computer running slow. This is because even though you have removed one piece of malware there is more there now you do not even know about.
The other problem many people face is they just cannot get rid of ultra defragger manually. This is because files are randomly named when it is installed to prevent removal.
The best way to remove this malware is to get rid of it automatically. Here is what you need to do.
#1 Step one. Download a system and registry scanner. It is important you do not use a simple registry scanner because this will not detect malware.
#2 Step two. Run a complete system and registry scan. This will scan your computer for any running malware and stop it. Even malware you do not know about.
Once this is done the software will then scan the registry for hidden entries for malware and delete them to prevent it reinstalling again after removal.
#3 The final step will be for it to get rid of ultra defragger and then optimise your computer and fix any remaining errors. Once this is done your computer will run safer ans faster and you will not longer be asking how do I get rid of ultra defragger.
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