Vista Running Slow?

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Every computer user out there knows just how difficult it is dealing with a slow computer and vista running slow. But unfortunately, other than expensive trips to a computer technicians or even purchasing a new computer, your average person has no clue what they can do to restore performance and dependability to their computer.
There are things that you can do right in your own home that can significantly restore PC performance and have you back to enjoying time with your computer once again.
#1 First, you need to look at your computers start up process and see if you can reduce the amount of system resources that are needed to bring everything up. This can be done by purchasing and installing more RAM, but it's only a temporary fix. What you really need to do is uninstall programs you are no longer using as well as going to the Run command and typing in "msconfig" and then going to the startup tab and uncheck things that do not need to start up every time your computer boots up. If you are not sure how to do this download and run a system scanner to do it for you.
#2 Second, you need to clean up and organize your hard drive. You already started doing this when you started uninstalling programs, but you can do more by moving and backing up things like pictures and other files that you don't use every day on an external memory source. Once the hard drive is cleaned up then you can go ahead and defragment it. That way your computer will be able to more easily find the data it is looking for when something is requested and prevent vista running slow.
#3 You need to look into running a scan on your computers registry. The registry plays a very big role in the fast operation of your computer because it acts like a detailed map of every file and piece of information stored on your computer. So when there are problems in the entries, either they are corrupt, missing you simply point to the wrong location it causes extra strain on your computer to physically track down and look for those files. If the situation gets bad enough your system will go from just running slowly to outright crashing and having other serious issues.
The good news is that you can fix the problems with your registry just as easily as you can scan your computer for viruses and malware. All you have to do is run a system and registry scanner. From there all it takes is a few clicks of the mouse and you're all set to go, error free and stop vista running slow.
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